US Marine Corps Officially Adopts

With funding and leadership provided by the US Army's PM Force Sustainment Systems (PM FSS) and the Combat Capabilities Development Command, Soldier Center (CCDC SC), MORSE Corp has served as the primary developer for for over three years. During that time, MORSE has designed and implemented numerous new and improved features for rapidly producing airdrop mission plans, dropzone terrain analyses, and airdrop damage estimates. Most recently, MORSE developed a new React front end with integrated ArcGIS maps to improve the user-interface responsiveness and usability. Work is ongoing to complete the transition to a streamlined, single page web-application backed by a flexible microservices architecture designed to fulfill a growing need for high-performance, distributed computation. These improvements will enable MORSE to continue delivering state-of-the-art mission planning algorithms via an intuitive, responsive, and powerful application that enhances our nation's aerial resupply capabilities.